Monday, September 30, 2013

Shades of Green: From Mint to Emerald

I was at Starbucks this past summer drinking my earl grey tea when I was thinking about how many beauty/fashion related items that I have in black or brown.  So, I've really been motivating myself to start purchasing more items in colors that I really don't own and "experiment" a little bit.  Green was the first color that I started branching out into.  Maybe green popped into my head that day because of the Starbucks umbrella that I was staring at across from me.   Who knows but it is a color that I have been having fun with lately.  I wanted to share with you my top favorite "green" things that I have been enjoying.  Now I'm not talking being "green" but the color green.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to put down those brown shoes and pick a "new" color instead.

*  I kept my lips on the nude/pink side as I think it pairs really well with green colored makeup.  Green tends to brighten up your eyes and you want that to be the focus of your face instead of your lips.  I find this to be the case even with the lightest shade of green.

Wet N' Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil "Envy" 

$1.99 (drugstores) 

Wet N' Wild has become one of my favorite drugstore brands and they always seem to surprise me on a consistent basis.  This has been one of my favorite creamy chubby pencils!  It's a metallic forest green color but it's not too sparkly.  It has a creamy consistency and glides on sooooo easily.  I also like that you can layer more of the product to provide a deeper and richer look.  You get a much more longer wear if you pat it with a similiar color eyeshadow.  However, I would not recommend this on your waterline because it does sting.

AVON Big Color Eye Pencil "Smoky Sage"


This is another chubby pencil and it is the perfect "Army" green.  I believe the color used to be called "celadon."  It is super long wearing and is also sweat proof.  I tend to have oily eyelids especially in the summer and this never fails me.  This is sort of a matte finish and is not shimmery at all.  It goes on really smooth and I can also blend it with my finger.  I use the "vanilla" shade on mornings where I'm running a little behind because I can just swipe the color on my lids and go!

Here's a swatch of both pencils.  You can see the shimmer in the Wet N' Wild and the more matte finish of the AVON pencil.  They are even more beautiful in person.

AVON NAILWEAR PRO+ Nail Enamel "Olive Green"


Do you like my camouflage bandage for my pinky?  I think it went perfect with the color!  I never thought that I would like the shade "green" for my nails but this color really surprised me.  I received it as part of a beauty kit a while back with some of my demo items.  I usually tend to lean towards reds and pinks for my nails but this is a perfect shade for fall.  I applied two coats but the color is so rich that one coat was more than enough.  It's a high shine color that's pretty dramatic and I didn't even apply a top coat.   Sadly,  AVON does not carry this shade anymore and eBay is out of stock most of the time.  They have a color called "Tempted" in their Fall 2013 collection and I linked it above under the price.  

Moda-Luxe Bag "Mint"


This was one of my favorite bags for summer.  It held up so well to my bottle of sunscreen, iPad, wallet, makeup, and everything else I put in there.  The photo above is from Target's website as I couldn't get good lighting to show the true color.  It is an amazing bag and the color isn't quite as bright as "mint green" and it is sort of muted color.  It has a 14" strap and plenty of roomy pockets on the inside.  The handle is really sturdy but I do wish that this came in more colors.  I'm glad that I picked up this fun shade over the summer and look forward to using it some more.  Moda-Luxe is an eco-friendly brand and I've only seen their bags carried at Target.  I like that their bags have a luxury look at an affordable cost.

Now you close your eyes and picture the color green.  What do you think of?  Kermit the Frog, a Kelly Green purse, or lush grass over Ireland?  Comment below and share with me.

Thanks so much for checking out my post!

"Make Each Day Count."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simple No Fuss Makeup

Hello Everyone!

Some mornings I really don't want to spend too much time getting ready.  Yesterday was one of those mornings and it inspired me to share my routine with you guys!  It might be a day where I'm just running errands or I just want a simple look that takes no more than 10-15 minutes.  Here is my version of that look below.  For me a look like this only requires a few of your "go to" products and can be applied every day if wanted.  

* Please know that being an AVON Representative does not prevent me from giving honest reviews.  I am given products from many companies and I believe that some things work and others don't.  My reviews and recommendations always come from the heart! :)
I have some makeup on but I think it looks very natural.  One thing I didn't do was line my water line.  I usually use a brown eye pencil and I notice how different my whole face looks without it.  Just eliminating one simple product makes a world of difference.
Here is a closeup of my eyes.  I added just a touch of the AVON Diamonds pencil in vanilla right in the corners.  It's a waterproof shadow and looks like a big crayon.  I didn't include that one in the photos.  Sort of a last minute item. 

I think this look is simple yet you could easily add to it for a night time look later.  I've been reading some Turkish beauty magazines and really liked a look similar to this on a model I saw.

Below are the products that I used:

This is my second tube and I am truly loving this BB cream.  It is so light and the color matches my skin tone perfectly.  I have it in light-medium and I use the medium color over the summer when my skin is just a shade darker.  I like that the coverage can be built from light to medium and it doesn't have a dewy finish.  I don't need to put powder on if I use this.  With that said, I am looking forward to seeing how it is in the winter when my skin is drier.  

This is my favorite concealer and I purchased it at QVC online.  I was unsure at first because of the price but they were right when they said you only needed just a touch.  It has a creamy consistency but it is quite thick.  I rub just a little between my fingers and then apply it by blotting.  A trick is to never rub your under eye area because the skin is so thin and you want just a light touch.  I have it in the shade medium and it stays on all day.  Definitely give this one a try!

This was a gift with purchase that I recieved a while back and clearly I don't use it enough.  Dior has long since changed their packaging and I won't even go into what year this is probably from. What I like about this is that these two colors go really well together.  The brown is completely matte but the cream color has a hint of shimmer to it.  I applied the cream color to my lid and then added the darker shade to my crease and blended with a fluffy brush.  I then took the applicator (the one on the right) and lined the bottom of my top lid with the darker shade (kind of used it like eyeliner).  It is a technique that my mom always used since brushes are too "complicated" for her. I love you mom!

This is one of my favorite mascaras and the brush is what makes it so darn good.  As most of you know most Avon mascaras have a wet formula and you do need to give It a second to dry before applying the next coat.  The brush really grabs a hold of your lashes and elongates them as it thickens.  You can really see the effect on the close up photo that I took and the price makes it even better.  This is my "go to" budget mascara! 

Enemy Noel from Beauty Broadcast posted a photo of the new medicated balms a while back and I finally found them at my local Walmart.  This shade called berry soft looked nice in the packaging and my dry lips were just ready to be pampered.  The only thing that I don't like about it is the scent.  It reminds me of Vicks or cough syrup.  The ingredients list eucalyptus as one of the ingredients and I should have expected that since it is a "medicated" lip balm.  It gives my lips a nice light color as well as moisture but I really can't get past the scent.  Sadly, I won't be buying anymore of these.  Interestingly, Walmart was the only place that I saw this product.

I hope you enjoyed this look.  Please post any comments or questions below.  Also, share your favorite "no fuss" looks.
I hope you have a great day and remember to "Make Each Day Count."

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sneak Peek Hobo bag

Quick intro video for Hobo brand review.  Coming up this weekend! 
Happy Friday!  

Review of the brand Hobo

This past weekend, I received an early birthday present from my husband and mother in-law.  I have been really on the prowl for a classic black leather bag that I can use on a daily basis.  As I opened up the gift bag, I got a whiff of the scent of leather which made me even more excited.  Below is the beautiful bag and I don't just call every bag beautiful. :) 

I had never heard of the brand Hobo and I was interested in finding out more about their line.  Turns out the creator Toni Ray and her daughter Koren started their passion for leather in Annapolis, Maryland back in 1991.  Over 20 years later, it is now sold to over 3,000 retailers worldwide.  Koren states her motto is "Cool is when vintage meets modern" and that precisely describes what their style is as I browsed through their website.  The one I have is called "Joyce" and it has a unique middle zipper in the middle of the bag with a funky print on the inside.  The clutch is called "Legendary Lauren" and can also be used as a wallet.

Hobo Bags

I just love the fabric on the inside.  This is a great middle pocket that is zippered.  I keep my phone and keys in here.  The zipper adds that extra security so nothing falls out. 

I am loving this fabric!
The clutch/wallet open with more card slots. 

The 411: This is a soft "broken in" leather bag with brushed nickel hardware that has a hint of vintage to it.  The 14" strap is thick and sturdy and doesn't slide off of your arm.  As summer comes to an end,  I think about which purses I will be wearing with what coats because I hate when they slide down your shoulder.  The thickness of the strap makes me feel like this one will be a winner.  The multiple zippered pockets make it stylish and functional for small and medium items such as your phone or makeup products.  It comes with a price tag of $268.00 and I agree it's well worth the cost for a classic bag that will be enjoyed for years to come.  The clutch is definitely a serious hunk of leather and can easily be used on it's own due to it's size as well as the amount of zipper space and card slots it has inside.  The brushed nickel hardware is sturdy and adds an edge to the vintage look.  I could seriously see myself bringing this out for a night on the town all by itself.  The clutch comes with a price tag of $110.00.  If you are in the market to purchase a new leather bag, I would check out Hobo for their unique colors choices, styles, and overall quality.   I've got my eye on a amber satchel named "Mariella." :) Happy Shopping!

P.S. Military Spouses:  Keep in mind that they do sell this brand at several military bases.  Since we are a military family, I often check to see if certain items are stocked on bases. Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia does carry this line.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Olivia Wilde - AVON Today Tomorrow Always: Amour

Olivia Wilde looks absolutely stunning in the campaign ads.  Can't wait to do a review on the fragrance! 

Song of the Day

I was chatting with some friends and we were talking about some things that we like to do while we put on our makeup in the morning and get ready for our day. The number one answer? Play some music! So, I decided that I will be posting a daily "Song of the Day." Now some of you know that I love my 80's music and that might be in the mix but it all depends on what mood I am in. Some mornings I will wake up in a calm, serene mood where I need something relaxing.  Other mornings, I need something to wake my behind up! You know what I mean. Below is my song for today and I hope this inspires you to get your day started. 

  Always remember, make today a special day!

My Annual AVON Fall Open House

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall Lipsticks by Emely from Beauty Broadcast

Thank you for posting this great video Emely. Peony by mark. was on her list of colors. Contact me if you would like to place an order. Thanks for watching and subscribe to Emely's great channel!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AVON at New York Fashion Week 2014

The AVON setup backstage at Elizabeth and James 2014 Spring Presentation at New York Fashion Week.  I would have loved to be there! 

The final makeup look for the Elizabeth and James Spring 2014 Presentation at New York Fashion Week: modern and minimalist.  It wasn't at all what I expected especially with the launch of their new makeup line. 

Interesting. Hmm. I'll have to think about that one. I really was expecting a bold look.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Avon Makeup Studio: Color Blocking

This is my inspiration for one of the first few tutorials that I will be doing.  I love how she uses the different shades of blue to create contrast on your eyes.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Turkish Delight: The Story of Arzu and Her Reviews

I am extremely passionate about beauty, fashion, travel, and food.  There is not one thing that I haven't tried yet and wont try.  Being an independent AVON representative and sales leader has given me many opportunities in the world of beauty and fashion.  I've met so many amazing people who are also on their own journey in life.   Come  join me as we explore it all together through this blog!

Daytime Natural Look

I always love a natural weekend look.  Since A. J. has been home visiting from South Korea, I have been spending less time on prepping to get out the door.  This look only took 15-20 minutes.  

Below are some of the products that I used.

I am really enjoying this mascara.  I purchased it as a demo in black awhile back and only recently started using it.  The one thing that I really enjoy about AVON's mascaras is that they have stiff brushes that allow me to easily control the wand as I am applying it.  I applied two coats and voila my eyes were awake.  

This is one of my favorite eye primers!  It has a creamy texture that reminds me of wall spackle.  I've done so many wall repairs in my time and those of you that use it know what I'm talking about.  It goes on very smoothly and lasts all day even in the humid summer weather.  I call products that apply smoothly like this "buttah."  You'll often see this term on my blog.

For my lips, I have been loving N.Y.C.'s Applelicious Lip Balm.  It has a cute apple imprint in the tube and has a fruity flavor to it.  The color is very sheer and I did have to reapply it many times throughout the day.  I didn't mind though because of how delicious the scent was.  I picked it up at my local CVS and it came in a few other (flavors) colors.  If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive lip product, I would encourage you to get this! The color I chose was Apple Blueberry Pie.
 New York Color